The Canadian Birkie

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What is the Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival?

February 10/11

  • The premier classic ski festival in Canada. A family-oriented, friendly cross-country ski loppet (recreational event) honouring the spirit of the Norwegian Birkebeiner legend.
  • Takes place the second Saturday in February every winter.
  • Ski events are held east of Edmonton at Cooking Lake - Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area, the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village and Elk Island National Park.
  • Broad appeal and international scope, attracting approximately 2,000 skiers from near and far; the largest classical ski event in Canada.
  • Five events and distances – something to suit all ages and abilities: legendary premier 55 km Birkie With Pack, 55 km Birkie Lite, 31 km Tour, 13 km Mini Birkie, and an untimed 2.5 or 4 km Ole’s Tour for kids and novices

Often a few members of the Lakeland Cross Country Ski Club car pool to attend this event. Check out the Birkie website for more details.

Maps are available in our maps section.